Sunday, August 4, 2013

Do's and Don'ts of Ramadan 2013

Do's of Ramadan 2013:
1) Be sharing, caring and forgiving.
2) Control anger, emotions, carnal desires and furtive glances.
3) Adopt Sabr (patience) and Inculcate tolerance.
4) Adopt steadfastness and consistency in Ibadah (worship).
5) Recite Holy Quran extensively as much as possible
with understanding.
6) Give Zakat and Sadaqah with a good feeling keeping
the concept of collectivism in mind.
7) Sympathize with the poor, needy and the have-nots (Muwasaat).
8) Pay Zakat correctly but ensure you also clear your loans and dues.
9) Observe discipline, obedience and punctuality.
10) Practice Time Management and willpower.
11) Perform Qayamul Layl (Tahajjud) without a break.
12) Do keep yourself busy with Zikr and Dua.
13) Perform Nawafil prayers whenever you find the time.
14) Keep Roza /Sawm (fast) with enthusiasm.
15) Look forward eagerly to obtain the blessing of Laylatul Qadr
by observing Etikaaf if possible and pray all night at least in
the odd nights of the last 10 days and not 23rd or 27th night alone.
Don'ts of Ramadan 2013:
1) Don't turn month of fasting into month of feasting.
2) Don't waste time back biting, gossiping, cheating and arguing.
3) Don't waste time shopping during Ramadan.
4) Don't pay too much emphasis on food and drinks especially
during iftar time and don't spend too much time in kitchen either.
5) Don't waste time over-eating.
6) Don't mix fasting with dieting (Niyat of fasting is important).
7) Don't enter into controversies, conflicts and quarrels.
8) Don't delay iftar and don't miss Suhoor.
9)Don't conduct or attend ceremonial iftar as it
becomes barrier towards going Masjid.
10) Don't make yourself appear dull or present excuses
on account of your fasting.