Saturday, February 5, 2011

Golden Sayings of Imam Hussain (AS) Part-11

121 - Contentment causes the comfort of body. 

(Bihar al- Anwar, Vol. 78, P. 128 , Line 9)

122 - Imam (as) was asked why the Almighty God made it 
compulsory to fast. He replied. " To make the rich taste hunger 
and be merciful towards the needy. 

"(Manakib Aal Abi-Talib by Ibn Shahrashoob , Vol. 4 , P. 68)

123 - Imam Hussain (as) was asked : How great your fear of God is? 
He said : "Nobody will be safe in the Day of Judgement except 
those who fear God in this world. 

(Bihar al- Anwar, Vol. 44 , P. 192)

124 - Imam was asked about Jihad, striving in the way of God, 
recommended or compulsory ? He said , " Jihad in Islam is of 
four kinds : two of them on compulsory , one of them is 
recommended but cannot be performed except with a compulsory one , 
and one is solely recommended. One of the first two compulsory ones 
is striving of a man with himself to avoid committing sins 
which is greatest kind of Jihad. The second compulsory Jihad 
is fighting infidels. The third kind of Jihad which is recommended 
but cannot be carried out unless with a compulsory Jihad ,
 is Jihad of the Islamic nation against their enemy which
 is compulsory on all the Muslim nation. If they live it away ,
God's punishment will come , and this is a sort of nation punishment. 
But this Jihad is recommended for the Imam , leader of the Muslims , 
alone.He is to come to the nation , and they together. Go for striving 
against the enemy. The fourth Jihad which is recommended is 
when a good tradition is initiated or revived by a person who strives 
for safeguarding it or improving it. This is among the best deeds , 
as it is reviving a good tradition. Surely , the Prophet( PBUH ) said , 
" Whoever establishes a good tradition , he will be rewarded for it , 
and in addition , he will be rewarded for every other individual who has 
followed his tradition. 

(Tohaf-al- Uqoul , P 243)

125 - O' the son of Adam ! Your life comprises of passing days , 
with each day passing , a part of you goes away for good. 

"(Ershadol Kuloob by Dailami , P. 40)

126 - The Holy book of the Almighty contains four items :
 words , implications, esoteric points, and realities. Words for 
common people , implications for special people , esoteric points 
for divine leaders, and realities for the prophets 
( May peace be upon them all )

(Jame-ol Akhbar by Sadook , P. 47)

127 - Those who are reduced to tears after hearing sufferings of 
my family , their tears will protect them from hell and God will 
place them up in Paradise. 

(Bihar al- Anwar, Vol. 44 , P. 279)

128 - Tears of the eyes and fear of the hearts are among 
graces of the Almighty God. 

(Mustadrak al- Wasael vol. 11 , P. 245)

129 - Do not try to find fault with others. Instead , when someone 
makes a small blunder , try to cover up for him and justify 
his mistake. 

(Nozhatol - Nodhir wa Tanbihol - Khater , P. 80)

130 - Endure difficulties when you walk on a divine path , and 
resist the temptation of worldly pleasures. 

(Nozhatol - Nadher wa Tanbihol - Khater , P. 85)

131 - Aban Ibn Taglib said he once heard the martyred Imam (as) 
as saying:" Whoever likes us ( the household of the Prophet ) he 
becomes from us the house hold " ( of the prophet ).He had asked 
Imam: " From you the household ? " Imam answered," From us 
the household," and repeated it three times. Then Imam went on 
to say, "Did you not hear the saying of the prophet Ibraham
( in the Holy Koran ) : " And whoever follows me , he is from me? "

(Nozhatol Nadhir wa Tanbihol - Khatar , P. 40)

132 - Nothing is more disgraceful for old people than 
being slaves to their worldly desires. 

(Kefayatol Athar fi An - nass Ala Al - Aemma 
Al - Ethnai - Ashar , P. 233)