Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bibi Fatima SA Daughter of Prophet Mohammed PBUH


"Jab Kabhi Ghairat-e-Insaan Ka Sawaal Aata Hai
Bint-e-Zehra Terey Pardey Ka Khayaal Aata Hai"

Fatima bint Muhammed is one of the four noblest women in Islamic teachings.
This is not just because she is the daughter of the Prophet PBUH of Islam or 
the wife of Imam Ali AS or the mother of Imam Hasan AS and Imam Hussain AS. 
These relationships are significant in themselves, but Fatima is important 
to the Muslims in her own right.

Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) is seen as the perfect model of 
the values and teachings that were revealed in the holy Qur'an. 
He was the Last Prophet and the Qur'an was the Final


no prophet or scripture is to be sent after him. However, the Prophet was 
a man and so he could not be a complete role model for half of the humanity; 
therefore, there was a need for a perfect female model of Qur'anic values
 and teachings. And that role model for women was Fatima, the daughter of 
the Prophet PBUH.

This is how Fatima [SA] is part of the Prophet PBUH; 
she completes the female dimension of the Prophet's function as 
a complete role model for humanity.


That is why the Prophet of Islam described Fatima as follows: 
"The leader of all the ladies of Paradise." 
(Sahih al-Bukhari, vol. 4, p.819.)

"Fatima is a part of me, and he who makes her angry, 
makes me angry." 
(Sahih al-Bukhari, vol. 5, p. 61.)

According to the holy Qur'an (33:33) she is among the infallibles ones in Islam. 
This status of infallibility comes with being a part of the Prophetic mission: 
he is the perfect role model for the men whereas 
she is the perfect role model for women.

Fatima was not only a loving daughter, a loyal wife and
 a caring mother; she is known in history as a woman of 
knowledge and wisdom, and she actively stood up for her rights. 
An excellent example of her social activism can be seen 
when she was denied her inheritance upon her father's death.

Fatima challenged the authorities in power on basis of the Qur'an. 
She argued that the Qur'an has examples where the children of 
past prophets inherited their father. Using the Qur'an as her basis, 
she argued that she should not be denied her right.


She is content: 

Such woman is the best one who becomes happy and content 
when her husband puts a loving glance on her, and when he orders her 
for something right, she obeys him immediately, and never does 
any thing against his will. - 
Holy Prophet Muhammed (saw)

She is a great cook and a good administrator: 

A woman who cooks neat, clean and delicious food for her husband. 
Allah has provided great food for such nice wife in paradise. In heaven, 
she will be asked to drink and eat whatever you wish, as this is 
the reward for the pain and services which you performed for your husband! - 
Holy Prophet Muhammed (saw)

The best woman among your women is one who cooks delicious food, 
spends the money justly and does not waste it. Such women are 
the workers of Allah, and the workers of Allah never get hopeless and regretful! - 
Imam Jafer-e-Sadiq (as)

She is priceless: 

A woman doesn't have any price, whether she is good or bad. 
A good and nice lady can not be measured with money or gold or silver, 
as she is far more expensive and precious than money or gold. Similarly, 
a woman with bad character and worst nature can not be compared with sand, 
as sand is far more higher and good than her. - 
Imam Jafer-e-Sadiq (as)

She is loving, caring and patient: Do not you want me to tell you 
about those ladies who will enter paradise? A woman who is loving 
and caring to her husband, and gives births to his children and 
when he gets angry with her, she instantly says My hand is in your hand 
like she does not get satisfied until her husband becomes happy with her. 
- Holy Prophet Muhammed (saw)

She is obedient: 

Lucky and fortunate woman is one who respects her husband and 
does not give him any pain, hurt or discomfort and does not makes 
him worried and obeys him in all the right aspects of life. - 
Imam Jafer-e-Sadiq (as)

She does Jehaad: 

The Jehaad of woman is that she must not lose her patience 
if she gets hurt from her husband. Her patience is her Jehaad. 
- Holy Prophet Muhammed (saw)

Presented by Hassan Razavi