Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No Escape From Death.. Real Life Story

Almighty Allah (SWT) made Prophet Solomon / Sulaiman (as) 
King of a vast kingdom, which included His entire creation. 
The Jinn and men obeyed his will and even the birds adhered 
to his commands, to the extent of using their wings to provide
 shelter for him. He was also given many other powers such as 
being able to talk to animals and control the wind so that it 
could carry him wherever he wished to go. 

Prophet Solomon (as) was blessed with an extraordinary power 
of perception and intelligence.

It is narrated that one day, a man entered the court of 
Prophet Solomon (as), looked around at all the people and 
went out again. When the court adjourned, one of the people 
present approached Prophet Sulaiman (as) and asked him 
whether he knew this strange man.

"The person you saw was the angel of death (Izrael)" replied 
Prophet Solomon (as). The man was taken aback and 
looked worried.

"Why was he staring at me as though he wanted to take 
my soul?" he asked.
"What do you want me to do?" enquired Prophet Sulaiman (as).
"O Solomon!" exclaimed the man. "You have power over the wind. 
Command it to transport me to the land of Hind (India)."

As the man was a believer, Prophet Solomon (as) agreed and 
granted his wish. A few days later, Prophet Solomon (as) saw 
the angel of death again. He asked him why he had been staring 
at the man so intently on that particular day.

"O Solomon!" replied the angel of death. "Allah (SWT) commanded 
me to take the soul of that man on the soil of Hind. When I saw 
him sitting in your court, I could not understand how I could 
carry out Allah's order. Nevertheless, as it was a divine command, 
I left for Hind and fortunately found the man there. I took his soul 
as Allah (SWT) had commanded."

There is nothing more certain than death. It is a reality, 
which nobody can escape from. Allah (SWT), the Almighty says: 
"Wherever you may be, death shall overtake you, even if you 
were in fortified towers". Noble Qur'an (4:78)

Imam Ali (as) said: Any breath that a man breathes is a 
step towards death.

Imam Ali (as) said: You are the game that death hunts. 
If you stand still it will seize (catch) you. If you ran (flee) away 
it will overtake you.