Saturday, March 12, 2011

Power and Worth of Bismillah

Syed Murtadha was a great aalim (scholar) who lived many years ago. 
He had many students who attended his classes.

At one of his classes he noticed that one of the students always came late.
 One day Syed Murtadha asked the student "Why are you always late?"

The student replied that he lived across the river and always took 
the first ferry across but the ferry service did not start any earlier.

Syed Murtadha wrote something on a piece of paper, folded it and 
gave it to the student. "Keep this with you" he said "and you will be 
able to walk across the river from tomorrow - but do not open the paper."

The next day the student got to the river and put his foot tentatively 
on the water. He could not believe that he could actually walk on 
the water.

For the next few days, he got to the classes on time.One day, 
he could not hold back his curiosity. He looked inside the folded 
piece of paper. On it was written Bismillahirrahmanirrahim 
(In the name of Allah, the beneficent the merciful).

For a moment he thought - "Is this all that helps me walk on water!" 
He put the paper in his pocket as usual and went to the river to go 
to his classes. This time he could not walk on the water and had to 
wait for the ferry. This meant that he was late for his class.

When the class was over, Syed Murtadha called him over and said 
"You looked into the paper when I had told you not to!"

With Bismillahirrahmanirrahim (In the name of Allah, the beneficent 
the merciful) you can move mountains provided you have trust
 and faith in Allah.