Thursday, July 11, 2013

Spirit of Ramadan Fasting:

"O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed 
to those before you, that ye may (learn) self-restraint." 
Holy Quran (2:183)

Fast like a living thing, have a body and a soul. The required abstinence 
from food, water, sexual relations etc, is the body of the fast: "piety" 
is its soul. If we are not striving to refine our character by fast, our fast 
will be a body without soul. Fast cleanses our body from impurities. 
Likewise, it must purify our hearts and minds from all impure thoughts 
improper desires and undisciplined sensations.

Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH, SAW) saw a woman, who was fasting 
on that day (not in Ramadan), abusing her girl-servant. 

Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH, SAW) admonished her and told her 
to break her fast. The woman protested: "But I am fasting today". 

Holy Prophet Muhammad (saww) said: "But was not your fast broken 
by the abuses you were hurling upon that poor girl?"

Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) has said, "Your fast day should not be like 
other ordinary days. When you fast, all your sense - eyes, ears, tongue, 
hands and feet - must fast with you."

Eyes: Keep your eyes off unlawful things and objects; spend this 
most precious gift of God in good cause and pious acts and read 
Holy Quran and Du'as.

Ears: Abstain from hearing unlawful gossip, lies, false statements, 
music and obscene topics. Pay your attention towards sermons 
and topics of learning etc.

Tongue: Do not tell lies or useless tales; do not spread rumours or, 
damaging gossips about other persons; keep aloof from falsity. 
Use the power of speech in spreading the word of God; in creating 
goodwill in the society.

Hand: Do not inflict injury upon others by your actions; instead 
strive to help them as far as you can.

Feet: Do not go towards forbidden places, like bars and cinemas. 
Do not run between people creating strife. Go towards those places, 
where God is remembered; and your movements should be to 
bring people together.

And above all, your heart and mind must be with you in fasting. 
Because fast in its real sense, will not be complete unless your 
thoughts, your emotions, your actions - in short, all aspects of 
our life - become pure, clean and free from blemish.